Hypatia – Nov 2018 Winner

A sanitary pad subscription platform that will give a sanitary pad to a women in need in a developing country for every one the consumer buys, following in the footsteps of Toms and Warby Parker. Rachel Yung Miranda Cheung Aryan Chadha The three team members came from different schools. All had a different ambition before joining the bootcamp: a lawyer, a vet and a tech entrepreneur. With the help of our mentors, they came to the realization that many of our daily necessities are not available to those who are in developing countries. Hence they decided to tackle this problem by leveraging customer spending from developed countries to bring supplies to those in need. This team of recent winners will be continuing with the project to make this a reality. They will also be pitching on stage at Jumpstarter in January, 2019. Please do reach out to us if you want to support them!