We believe that entrepreneurship is one of the most important skills that students can acquire in their early years and we want to minimize the barrier to entry for students. For this reason, all our student courses are free and run in both English and local language options in each of our locations, giving students the best chance of accessing the experience and knowledge a YFS course offers.
A YFS weekend experience may just be the turning point for a student, changing the course of their life. The business element itself is only a small part of the program. With the lower entry barrier, we also aim to tackle the STEM gender issue. We want to ensure the girls coming through our program understand that you don’t have to be a computer science major to be a founder.

Lifelong Mentorship. Lifelong Learning.

Not only do students receive approximately 10-hours of small group mentorship from industry professionals during the course of bootcamp weekend, but our students will have access to our mentor database to receive further advice and help upon graduating. Whether they need guidance building out their concept from the weekend or career and university guidance, our students can count on our reliable mentor community to help. We believe lifelong mentorship is crucial to their success.