Our Mission

Young Founders School’s mission is to use entrepreneurship to teach 21st-Century Skills to 11-18 years old, globally. We believe that students are never too young to make a difference in the world. Today, we provide an immersive startup environment in which students learn the very latest startup theory whilst connecting them with real entrepreneurs to provide mentorship.

Entrepreneurship as a mindset

With all the buzz going around with startups and being your own boss, we want to teach students that being an entrepreneur is more than that. Entrepreneurship is not an occupation, not a title. It is a mindset where we are constantly looking for ways to solve problems in innovative ways. It is a combination of the use of technical and soft-skills to create value for people.
Our Values

YFS brings students together from a range of socio-economic backgrounds so they can work collaboratively to solve problems. Increasing the social mix of students within schools can increase the relative performance of disadvantaged students.