Learning about entrepreneurship is a key skill that all students should acquire. Young Founders School is a great place to start on this journey.
– Patrick Cao, Tokopedia

Ideation Workshop

A two-hour workshop focused on Entrepreneurship. Ideation is open to all students free of charge, with no entry requirement. Ideation provides an opportunity for students to get their first taste of entrepreneurship and prepares students for application to the YFS Bootcamp.

Runway to be an Entrepreneur

Discover how entrepreneurs build their businesses from the ground up. Learn to develop a business idea, create key brand elements and validate them with your very own website by coding (HTML & CSS).

YFS Startup Bootcamp

Our flagship two-day program providing students an intensive and immersive experience of what it means to be a founder. Students will participate in a weekend of lectures, skills workshops and mentorship from entrepreneurs, culminating with a pitch to real Venture Capitalists for funding and feedback at the end of the weekend.
The Startup Bootcamp (Summer 2021) is open for application. Sign up now!

Virtual Internship

Virtual Internship is an online program in partnership with an industry mentor and an education coach from YFS. During the program, students undertake a real project of genuine value to the company to have an actual work experience in the business world, followed by an end-of-program presentation. Sign up your preference for the Virtual Internship program now!

We welcome schools and organisations to partner with us to take part in running the student programs themselves, either online or offline, so that more students can be reached and can develop their potential in entrepreneurship. We also provide student courses customised for the schools/organisations’ needs. Speak to our team to learn more!

What You’ll Get


Participation Certificate


Immersive startup experience


New friends and network with real and future founders


Internship opportunities


Experience post-bootcamp


Conference invites

Not to mention improved confidence, public speaking skills, collaboration and problem-solving skills, networking abilities, and of course knowledge and experience of entrepreneurship mindsets, techniques and tools.

Words From Our Graduates

YFS took my whole weekend but it was worth it because I learnt things that would’ve taken weeks at school in just two days. This was such a unique and valuable opportunity as I was able to connect with new people, improve my public speaking and plan to make a change for a better future.
YFS has opened my eyes to a more hands-on, more realistic and creative approach to learning. There is little textbook information and allow students like me to take the initiative and step out of our comfort zone.

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