Learning about entrepreneurship is a key skill that all students should acquire. Young Founders School is a great place to start on this journey.
– Patrick Cao, Tokopedia

Program Details

Student Courses: (11-18 years)


Runway to be an Entrepreneur

This online program was designed to introduce kids to the world of entrepreneurship at an early age and to teach them important life skills they can apply to any career choice, in any economic environment. We aspire to make our programs accessible to kids all over the world to help prepare and equip tomorrow’s leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs with 21st century skills.



Our flagship two-day program. 30 students are selected on merit from the application pool to join us over a weekend of workshops and mentorship from entrepreneurs. Bootcamp is a hands-on, intense and immersive dive into the startup environment culminating with a pitch to real Venture Capitalists for funding and feedback at the end of the weekend.



A three-hour course, focused on Social Entrepreneurship. Ideation is open to all students, with no entry requirement. Typically hosted for 30-100 students, Ideation provides an opportunity for students to get their first taste of entrepreneurship and prepares students for application to the YFS Bootcamp.

Adult Courses


Teacher Training

A free program to up-skill teachers who are interested in enhancing their pedagogy and curriculum with the tools of entrepreneurship. We provide frameworks, exercises and examples demonstrating how entrepreneurship can be integrated into the classroom.


Mentor Training

Our Mentor training programme was co-developed with a leading Executive and Life Coach in HK, Mac Ling. We have leveraged our learning from more than 3,000 hours of mentoring YFS has facilitated to create a course to up-skill our mentors further.

What You’ll Get


Participant Certificate


Immersive startup experience


New friends and network with real and future founders


Internship opportunities


Experience post-bootcamp


Conference invites

Not to mention improved confidence, public speaking skills, collaboration and problem-solving skills, networking abilities, and of course knowledge and experience of entrepreneurship mindsets, techniques and tools.

Words From Our Graduates

YFS took my whole weekend but it was worth it because I learnt things that would’ve taken weeks at school in just two days. This was such a unique and valuable opportunity as I was able to connect with new people, improve my public speaking and plan to make a change for a better future.
YFS has opened my eyes to a more hands-on, more realistic and creative approach to learning. There is little textbook information and allow students like me to take the initiative and step out of our comfort zone.

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