Virtual Internship Program

Get future-ready and gain real-life work experience. The YFS Virtual Internship Program provides students with an opportunity to work at their dream company and boost their career prospects.

Support young people as they take their first step to the future of work.

What is virtual internship?

We believe in enabling secondary school students to see future careers as attainable through real-life work experiences. The Virtual Internship Programme helps equip the youth with essential workplace skills and knowledge for their future career aspiration while contributing real business value to employers.


Flexible start date,
2-4weeks program


Virtual, Project-Based, Individual Internship


High school students
aged 16+


Pay as you can – all donation will support YFS in creating more learning opportunities for underprivileged students

Why virtual internship with us?

Connect and engage with the young generation to grow the corporate social responsibility initiative of your company.

Expand access to high school-aged students to experience the world of work

Develop a pipeline of talent for the future and engage the next generation with your company

Empower young people future aspirations and raise your company profile

How internship is matched?

After the host company confirms the project descriptions, our YFS internship coach will meet with the students to conduct matching process.

Students will go through a straightforward assessment process.

We will match students to the most suitable internship that aligns with their preferences and goals to ensure maximum impact and value.

Once students are accepted to the YFS internship program, there will be an onboarding session to get students prepared for the exciting journey ahead!

How does it work?

Students will work one-on-one with the experienced industry professional from the host company during contact time. Our YFS internship coach will also provide ongoing support and supervision to guide students throughout the internship.


1st meeting with the students to go through company background, project tasks, expectations, next meeting deliverable and date.


Check in with the students' progress, introduce new skills and knowledge, and support students to complete their project and final presentation.


Evaluation and Feedback after the students submit their final project and deliver their final presentation.

Are you a corporate?

Partner with us to empower talented youth.